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Treeko - Tokay Gecko

As a Tokay Gecko, Treeko is quite the handful! Tokay Geckos are notoriously feisty critters that are known for their call that resembles the sound “Tokay!”. They are also one of the most brightly colored geckos when they are fired up!

Treeko - Tokay Gecko

Treeko came to the sanctuary in December of 2023. She is named after a Pokemon because of all of our animals that most resembles a pokemon, the Tokay Gecko is the closest! They are blue with orange spots, and even say their own name!

As one our feistier ambassadors, Treeko is a hands off animal at our facility. That said, she is one of the most fascinating creatures we have had the pleasure of working with. She is a great representation of an animal that you have to work at bonding with before she needs to warm up to you!

Treeko would be a great ambassador for a sponsor who has a knack for video games, or who might be a little closed off before you get to know them!

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