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What happens when I sponsor an animal?

What YOU get:

--- All of our sponsors will receive a monthly update on our sanctuary animals, exclusive to sponsors.

--- Sponsors who have contributed more than 50,100, or 500 dollars in their lifetime value will be added to their ambassadors page as a Silver, Gold, or Diamond Sponsor, respectively.

--- Sponsors will be rewarded with any additional awards as our program evolves and grows to accommodate for larger sponsors.

What THEY get:

--- Every 10 dollars sponsored will feed an ambassador animal for a full week

--- For every 50 dollars contributed by sponsors, a months worth of insects can be purchased for the sanctuary's animals.

--- A 25 dollar contribution will pay for an animal's heating and lighting for a full years time.

--- Any additional sponsorships will be put toward enclosures, enrichment, and treats for the animals.

What kind of sponsorship would you like this to be?

Thanks for submitting!

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