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Discover Spock's Sanctuary

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Get to Know Us!

Cam and Cole have been fascinated by animals for nearly their entire lives, and it was only natural that they would find similar passions toward exotic pets as they would go on to adopt a pet that would change much of their lives. Even after many years, their passion for what they do has only grown!

Spock's Story

A juvenile veiled chameleon was adopted by Cam and Cole on June 24th, 2020. Spock was adopted on a whim, as can be said for many of the animals that were adopted during the pandemic. When he got home, Spock was provided an enclosure that matched exactly what the pet store had described, but it wasn't meeting any of his needs. After doing extensive research, Spock received a complete upgrade, with an environment that allows him to thrive. Cam and Cole founded Spock's Sanctuary to combat the misinformation that prevents exotic companion animals from getting the proper care and living long and happy lives.


Our Mission

The mission of Spock's Sanctuary is to educate owners on the proper care for their animals to improve quality of life for exotic pets everywhere.

Our Vision

Spock's Sanctuary aspires to change the exotic companion animal industry towards a focus on the wellbeing and long, healthy lives of the unique organisms available. Owners can count on the information to be accurate and beneficial to their care of their animals

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