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Tortilla (Tilly) - Three Toed Box Turtle

Tilly is one of the fastest turtles you will ever see, but only when she sees bugs, her favorite food. Box turtles get their name from their ability to completely close their hinged plastron and hide within.

Tortilla (Tilly) - Three Toed Box Turtle

Tilly came to the sanctuary in June of 2022. Tilly gets her name from the word Tortilla, combining Tort, and Tilly! We are very creative when it comes to naming here at Spock’s Sanctuary, as you can tell. When we first took Tilly in, she had extremely long nails and beak, as well as some minor shell rot. She has since been trimmed up, as well as had her set up completely overhauled.

Tilly is still quite shy, at least until you offer her food. She tends to hide in her shell at first when meeting people, but opens up when she sees that they are not dangerous, or if they have food! This makes her a perfect representation of the hesitation associated with meeting new people and even social anxiety.

If you are looking to sponsor an ambassador that is less intimidating than some of our others, or want an animal that represents introversion or having a hard shell and is hesitant to open up, consider sponsoring Tortilla today!

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