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Spelunk - Chinese Cave Gecko

Spelunk the Chinese Cave Gecko is quite the lively little dude, that is, once he gets out of his hiding spots! He loves to chill away back in his little caves, but once he is out and about he is sure to catch the attention of those around him!

Spelunk - Chinese Cave Gecko

Spelunk came in November of 2023 where he was donated as an education animal to the sanctuary. Before he was at his previous home, Spelunk had been kept with another gecko where he unfortunately lost his tail.

While Spelunk may be a bit skittish and unsure of his surroundings, it makes sense when you consider his past experiences, as well as the nature of his species. This species is commonly found in tiny cracks and crevices in their native range, so they don’t often come out into the world around them!

Spelunk is quite the introvert, and would make a great ambassador for the introverts among us, or someone who wants to support an animal that has overcome hardship and represents overcoming that adversity.

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