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Pico De Gallo (Pico) - Giant Day Gecko

Pico is quite the handful when it comes to... well, handling? Giant Day Geckos don't like being touched, and if they are they are VERY quick. That said, he loves to chase bugs whenever he gets the chance!

Pico De Gallo (Pico) - Giant Day Gecko

Pico De Gallo the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko has been with us since April of 2023, but in 2021 he was boarded with us for an entire summer. While he hasn't been around as long as many of our others, he still stands out a lot on his own due to his bright green colors.

In his spare time, Pico is a veracious eater. Usually in the animal kingdom, the more colorful the creature is, the more feisty they are! This keeps them on their toes when either predator's or prey spot them from afar. Because of this, he will never turn down an insect offering in his home!

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