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Orazio (Raz) - Crested Gecko

Orazio is unique, even for a crested gecko. Despite his lack of a tail and one blind eye, this guy lives for flying. Raz proves that sheer willpower is enough to get where you want to be.

Orazio (Raz) - Crested Gecko

Raz has been at the sanctuary since April of 2022. Raz is short for Orazio, which means,"To have good sight". This choice was made mostly because Raz is blind and we thought it might be a little funny. Aside from this, it is evident that Raz always knows where he WANTS to go. Whether he always arrives at his destination is another story.

Because he only has one good eye, Raz often tries to jump from one location to the next, but to no avail. This is because he cannot see distance without having both eyes functioning. Raz often has to make up for his jumps on the fly to catch himself and prevent a fall.

If you too fly by the seat if your pants and adapt on the go, Raz may be the right ambassador for you! Raz is a great ambassador for those who are weary of some of the larger animals we have!

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