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Octavia - Argentine Black and White Tegu

The Argentine Tegu is the largest lizard species from the western world, in addition to being one of the most personable and intelligent lizard species on the planet. Octavia is no exception.

Octavia - Argentine Black and White Tegu

Octavia the Argentine black and white tegu came to us back in February of 2022. Octavia is a curious, yet calm animal who allows us to show a variety of cool adaptations, including her forked tongue and her ability to thermoregulate to an extent. Tegus are one of the few reptile species able to do this.

As our second largest and most powerful animal, Octavia is only growing more at her nearly three and a half foot length. Octavia serves as a great representation of girl power, as well as showing audiences that just because an animal is big and scaly, does not mean they are scary.

Octavia would make a great sponsorship opportunity for sponsors looking for a strong female lead to represent. She would also make a great ambassador for anyone wanting to sponsor an animal that is large and in charge!

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