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Nemo - Honduran Milk Snake

Nemo is the smallest snake at the sanctuary, and also the most colorful! Milk Snakes have a coloration that mimics that of a coral snake which helps them from getting eaten by any larger predators that look at them like a snack! While Nemo is small, he is full of personality!

Nemo - Honduran Milk Snake

Nemo the Milk Snake came to the sanctuary in early July of 2023. Since coming to the sanctuary Nemo has been our longest standing colubrid ambassador with us, and also the most tiger looking at that!

Nemo came to the sanctuary as a baby. At just over one foot, it is hard to believe he will get to near six feet as an adult! This tiger looking snake, the Honduran milk snake is one of the only types of milk snakes that does not have white in his colors, and instead is more orange than other milk snakes! Nemo loves to slither through fingers or serve as a bracelet by wrapping around people's wrist.

Nemo would serve as a great sponsorship opportunity to someone who wants to have an ambassador that will have its whole life in the sanctuary, and will interact with many of those who visit the sanctuary in the mean time!

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