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Nectar - Bearded Dragon

Nectar looks quite different from most bearded dragons you may have seen. This is due to her genetic code causing her to lack the scales that give many beardies their classic beardie look.

Nectar - Bearded Dragon

Nectar the bearded dragon came to us in September of 2021. The missing scales are caused by a double recessive, incomplete dominant trait in bearded dragons that causes them to reduce their scalar ion to the point that they are left with only a thin layer of skin with no protection from the elements. This is why this scale morph is called “Silkback” is not to be confused with the heterozygous variation that only reduces scales, but does not change the care, called “Leatherback”

The lack of scales on a silkback’s body causes them to shed thin layers that can often build up if the humidity is not kept high enough and end up injuring the animal. This, in addition to the need for lower wattage lighting, means that the care for these animals can often be much more complicated than new owners are anticipating.

If you would like to sponsor an animal that is less scaly than many of her siblings, Nectar may be the ambassador for you! Another quality that sets her apart is her representation that the only good type of breeding is ethical breeding, and that her morph should not be one that is sold to the unprepared consumer. If you want to support Nectar and her message, consider sponsoring today!

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