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Mocha - African Fat Tailed Gecko

Mocha, our African Fat Tailed Gecko, is the sweetest little guy you could ever imagine! While he hasn’t been the longest ambassador that we have had, he is one of the favorites for many of the people who come in!

Mocha - African Fat Tailed Gecko

Mocha came to the sanctuary in November of 2023 when he was rehomed from a VERY loving home that unfortunately just needed him in a new spot. We gladly adopted him as an educational ambassador and he has been an absolute blessing to have at the sanctuary.

Despite his small stature, he has a huge personality, especially when it comes to meeting new people! He is usually the first animal we show when people come into the sanctuary because he is so relaxed with people (And because he is hard to say no to, just look at those eyes!)

Mocha would make a great ambassador for a sponsor wanting a less intimidating ambassador to support, or an ambassador that is reminiscent of many people's favorite drink: coffee!

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