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Maizey - Corn Snake

Maizey the albino corn snake is named after the corn that her species is named for! They got this name because they were often found around corn where they would hunt rodent prey that would eat the grain.

Maizey - Corn Snake

Maizey came to us in November of 2023 when she was rehomed at now fault of her own! Maizey is an explorer at heart, and it shows in her interactions with the public. She will sometimes be found trying to climb into peoples hoods or even up their sleeves! She definitely takes a closer eye than most of the snakes at the Sanctuary.

In her enclosure, she will often be found trying to get around her background, or climbing through her branches. Maizey serves as a great representation of the adventurous spirit, and the curious mind!

Maizey would make a great sponsorship opportunity for anyone who wants to support this curious soul and enrich her even further in her thirst for adventure. She would also make a great ambassador for anyone who loves CORN!

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