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Jupiter - Knob Tailed Gecko

Jupiter is a Knob Tailed Gecko (Which means that is how his tail is supposed to look!). He is quite the unassuming apex predator, as he is a great hunter and will often even eat from tongs presented by our guests!

Jupiter - Knob Tailed Gecko

In November of 2023 Jupiter came to the sanctuary as a donation for our educational efforts. He is not as common of a species as many of our other ambassadors, but that makes him all the more interesting!

Jupiter is named after his red color and his big eyes that almost resemble Jupiter, with its massive eye. Despite being named after the largest planet, he is one of our smallest animals. This doesn’t stop him from having a huge appetite!

If you want to sponsor an animal that is an unassuming hunter and is a great representation of the phrase “Dynamite comes in small packages”. His small stature doesn’t quite encompass the true nature of his hunter's spirit!

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