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Fluffy - Leopard Gecko

Fluffy's favorite movie character is Curly from "The Three Stooges", as this is where the inspiration for his name came from. He possesses a morph that changes his color from the natural yellow to a white coloring.

Fluffy - Leopard Gecko

Fluffy the leopard gecko came to us in April of 2021. In addition to his stark color difference from the wild coloring, Fluffy has entirely black eyes that sometimes can make it difficult for him to hunt his prey. These eyes are also one of his most defining attributes, and can look like classic puppy dog eyes.

Fluffy’s coloring comes from a double recessive, incomplete dominant trait, meaning that he has two recessive genes that both reduce the size of the splotches on his back, as well as removing the melanin that produces that yellow color.

Fluffy serves as a great ambassador for sponsors that don’t take life too seriously, and have a sarcastic side. He also is a great representation of genetics, and the fact that it is what is on the inside that counts. If you want to sponsor a puppy dog eyed, leopard print wearing, contradiction to his name, consider Fluffy as your ambassador!

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