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Button - Bearded Dragon

As a bearded dragon, Button may not come off as the most special or unique animal at the sanctuary, at least until you hear his story. Button is a nearly two year old Bearded Dragon that has stagnated at only about 5 inches long. This doesn’t slow him down at all though, as he continues to thrive with some additional attention from our keepers!

Button - Bearded Dragon

Button was donated to the Sanctuary in January of 2024. Button is one of the most unique animals at the sanctuary, and is loved for his small stature and voracious appetite. He can often be found trying to beg for food from our visitors, it’s like he knows how cute he is!

When he was born, Button was unfortunately bitten on the head by a sibling, causing him injury and leaving behind a scar directly between his eyes on the top of his head. This bite is believed to have damaged his brain, as well as preventing his ability to grow. Due to this, he was affectionately given his name after Benjamin Button, because he is an old dragon in a young dragon's body.

If you want to sponsor one of the most unique animals we have ever worked with, Button may just be the animal for you! His drive to survive and thrive are what allowed him to heal and adapt to his conditions and lifestyle.

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