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Adonis - Cherry Headed Tortoise

Adonis is a fan favorite amongst the sanctuary, and is often one of the first animals people fall in love with! Being a tortoise, Adonis is not intimidating to new visitors, and many people even get to feed him some of his favorite snacks: fruit!

Adonis - Cherry Headed Tortoise

Adonis came to the sanctuary in January of 2024. As a Cherry Headed Tortoise, Adonis is more of a humid animal and loves fruit more than most other tortoise species that are more arid. They are named after their almost Darth Maul-esque face colorations. They are a subspecies of red footed tortoise that is a smaller and slightly more colorful variety.

Adonis is the largest testudine (the turtle family) that we have at the sanctuary. Because of this, he does very well with kids that are a little more timid around some of our other animals. He enjoys the company that the visitors bring, or atleast the food that comes along with it in many cases!

He is a great choice for most sponsors, as he is near universally loved by all. It is hard to see how anyone could dislike his calm demeanor and voracious appetite.

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