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Spock's Sanctuary Animal Interaction

When interacting with the animals associated with Spock’s Sanctuary I understand the following:


  • I am a guest in this facility or for this experience, and will listen to the staff present.

  • I am to only interact with animals in the way I am instructed to do so.  

  • Animals can at certain times be unpredictable.

  • When interacting with animals, no matter what kind or how tame, there is a level of risk associated with the interaction, both to myself and the animal, I will do everything I can to minimize this risk. 

  • Animals will behave defensively if treated in a way that they feel unsafe: Hitting, grabbing at, hurting, fast movements, loud noises, restriction of movement, touching in vulnerable areas of the body (Including but not limited to the face, feet, or tail). 

  • If at any time I don’t understand how to interact with an animal I will ask for clarification or assistance to protect myself and the animal from a negative experience.  

  • Animals have body parts that can sometimes feel uncomfortable including but not limited to: rough or spiky skin, nails, etc.

  • Animals are not all potty trained, and any bodily fluids that they need can and will be released at their discretion, wherever or whenever that may be. 

  • As a parent/ guardian of a minor I will aid the staff in supervising minors to ensure they behave according to the standards listed here.

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