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NutriCubes Juvenile Tegu Diet is the only complete diet that caters to the specific species. Made to bring the animal's native diet into captivity, this preportioned cube provides perfectly balanced nutrition in every meal.


With NutriCubes, meal time has never been easier! Just pop a cube out of the freezer, thaw to room temperature, and it's ready to serve to your juvenile tegu.


Growing argentine tegus need a higher protein concentration in their regular diet than what they would eat as an adult. This increased protein consumption supports the rapid growth phase of the life, which can be considered the time between hatching and the start of adulthood. These cubes are higher protein in order to sustain appropriate growth.

**Not to be fed to adult argentine tegus**

Juvenile Tegu Diet

  • Suggested hatchling feeding amount: 1 cube

    Suggested hatchling feeding frequency: Once daily


    Suggested juvenile feeding amount: 2 cubes

    Suggested juvenile feeding frequency: 2 days


    Suggested subadult feeding amount: 3 cubes

    Suggested subadult feeding frequency: 3 days


    For adult Argentine Tegus, see Argentine Tegu Diet to achieve appropriate protein levels necessary for maintenance. 

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