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The Newts - Marbled Newts

The Newts are a group of Marbled Newts that reside in the Sanctuary. While they are unassuming at first, they provide many lessons about amphibian body morphology and lifestyles than the frogs that reside here. They are fascinating critters that are stunning to look at.

The Newts - Marbled Newts

The Newts joined the Sanctuary in October of 2023, where they became a favorite of the keepers. They are now the only salamanders at the sanctuary. While the United States has more salamanders than any other country, this specific species of salamander came from Europe.

This species of salamander lives in three stages, being born in the water, emerging from the water for the larger middle section of their life, and then returning to the water while changing their body shape, to reproduce and lay eggs. This process is fairly unique in the animal kingdom, and one that we are very fortunate to be a part of.

Of all the ambassadors at the sanctuary, the newts would be a great choice for a sponsor inspired by science, and wanting to support the most unique transformations at the sanctuary.

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