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Bo - Boa Constrictor

Bo was one of our hardest rehabilitation stories to date, and he has quickly became a fan favorite at the sanctuary! Bo is a very resilient snake who has powered through very tough circumstances to become one of the best ambassadors we have.

Bo - Boa Constrictor

Bo the Boa Constrictor came to the sanctuary in early July of 2023. When he first came to the Sanctuary, he was in terrible condition. He was left with a live rat while his owner was away for a week and when the owner came back, the rat was still around and Bo had become the prey instead.

Bo's injuries from this experience included a ton of stuck shed, mouth rot, a severe respiratory infection, bites down his body and tail, an injured and upturned snout from trying to get away, as well as a number of harmful bacteria in his system, and an inability to eat solid food causing major weight loss.

Bo would be a great ambassador that represents resiliency in his journey and a fighting spirit in bouncing back from experiences that could have otherwise been catastrophic.

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