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Adoptable Animals

Interested in which animals we currently have up for adoption? Check them out, and learn more about them below! Then you can apply to adopt, or come see them in person at our storefront!


Crested Gecko


Spaz, as the name suggests, is an extremely energetic crested gecko, and one that does not do well with handling. He would make a great pet for someone looking for an easy to care for pet that can be appreciated from afar!



Leopard Gecko


Jade is a young leopard gecko that will need a long term home to ensure she lives a happy and healthy life! She seems like she will be a great animal for someone who will put in the time it takes to work with her.



Leopard Gecko


Charlie is a very orange Leopard gecko who has regrown the very tip of his tail. Because of how young he is, he is not yet use to handling. That said, he has a veracious apatite, and will eat any bug you provide!



Leopard Gecko


Shahar is an adult white leopard gecko who is full of personality. He is a great eater and loves food that moves a ton. 


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