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Spock's Sanctuary

Spock's Sanctuary is doing some renovations and updates!

Please check back in to see when our in person location is back in operation!

Temporarily Closed!

Spock's Sanctuary offers a variety of services to keepers of all kinds. Depending on where you are with your experience, we can provide services to fit what you are looking for!


I'm here to learn!

Are you someone who wants to learn more about exotic animals, or might want Spock's Sanctuary to present to you or your community for an upcoming event? Click below!


I'm a owner looking for food for my pet

Do you have an animal with a complicated diet and want to try Spock's Sanctuary's specialized feed formulations? We can make your feeding easy, nutritious, and delicious!


I'm looking to adopt or surrender an animal

Have you researched an animal, and are ready to take the next step? Do you have an animal that you cannot care for anymore do to unforeseen circumstances? Click below to see more!

Spock Baby Picture_edited.jpg

I'd like to know more about the sanctuary

Want to learn more about Spock's Sanctuary, our story, and our mission? Click below!

Tumbo Baby Picture_edited.jpg

I want to help out!

Want to support Spock's Sanctuary and what we do? Or would you like to sponsor an animal and get regular updates on the exotics we care for? See below!


I need somewhere to board my pet

Going out of town, and need somewhere you can trust to watch your pet? Click below!

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