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Myrcella is a ball python which is one of the most common snakes in the pet trade, and for good reason! She is one of the sweetest animals we have, and she is the ambassador we recommend to anyone who is new to snakes as a great first step. She has yet to disappoint in making people fall in love with them! "Mojave" morphs like Myrcella have a tendency to look very black and white, with only small hints of brown mixed in.

All about Myrcella

Myrcella the Ball Python was taken in by the sanctuary in August of 2023. Since then, she was fallen in love with by many and even had her name chosen by one of the sanctuary's sponsors because he thought it suited her.

In her off hours as an ambassador, she loves to curl into a tight hide and rest under her heat. She also is one of the more explorative snakes we have, and regularly climbs the branches in her enclosure
. In the wild, Ball pythons are in much less arboreal habitats, but Myrcella is a stark contrast to the behavior of her wild cousins.

Myrcella would serve as a great ambassador for someone who wants more people to see that snakes are not as scary as many people think! Myrcella is a great ambassador for those new to these animals.

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