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Green Iguanas are normally quite the challenge to work with in captivity, but Igga is a huge exception! She actually loves to be around people, and prefers to come out and see people as much as she can! Igga is now our largest, but not the longest, animal at the sanctuary. While Igga's past has been a hard one before coming to the sanctuary, we have already seen improvement in her since coming to us!

All about Igga

Iggy was quite the challenge for the sanctuary when she came in September of 2023. Just as we were getting settled into our new location, we had set aside space for larger animals should they ever get surrendered to us. Little did we know, Iggy would fit that spot well!

Before coming to us, Igga had quite the life: She was found in Omaha, Nebraska during the dead of winter, she was found with a partially injured tail, a brown coloration, many of her nails misshapen, and a lack of muscle mass to climb with. She still has quite a ways to go, but we have already seen a huge improvement.

Igga is a symbol for resilience and progress. She is consistently becoming better and better, and would be a great ambassador for a person or company who values that in an animal!

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