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Dhub Dhub

As a Uromastyx, Dhub Dhub embodies the phrase "Business in the front, party in the back". As an herbivore, his species has a lot of predators, and he uses that spiky tail to scare them away if he feels threatened. His name comes from the name that his species is given in their countries of origin: The Dhub Lizard. In these native regions, these animals can be found as a common food, and even an aphrodisiac.

All about Dhub Dhub

Dhub Dhub the yellow uromastyx has been with us since May of 2021. While the Uromastyx family comes from a variety of places, the bulk of their population are in the deserts of Northern Africa. Their unique body shape allows them to make a quick escape from predators, leaving only their spiky tails out. This deters many animals from attempting to make a meal out of Uromastyx.


Dhub Dhub serves as a great animal ambassador to show that even an herbivorous animal can be full of defense mechanisms to keep them safe. Additionally, these lizards move their hips in a serpentine fashion to intimidate predators, but we at Spock’s Sanctuary can’t help but laugh at their unique dance moves.


If you’re looking to sponsor a unique animal that dances like Shakira, Dhub Dhub may be the ambassador for you! Otherwise, Dhub Dhub also serves a great representation of vegetarian power, and the importance of eating your greens!

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