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Bing and Bong

Contrary to the name, Poison Dart Frogs do not possess any poison naturally. They entirely get their poison from the bugs they eat in the wild, meaning Bing and Bong are entirely safe! There are a ton of dart frog varieties, but the most famous of them is the Blue Dart Frog, or Dendrobates tinctorius azureus. These frogs are also called Dyeing Dart Frogs.

All about Bing and Bong

Bing and Bong have been with us at the sanctuary since January of 2023. As they joined us as our second ever amphibian, they help teach the public about the fragility of amphibians, even those that are known to be deadly themselves.

In their off hours, the dart frogs love to eat small bugs that they get offered. Their favorite foods are tiny crickets and fruit flies, which makes them a great cleanup crew for each other to get any snacks that don't get caught right away!


Bing and Bong would serve as a great ambassador for someone who wants to sponsor someone small but mighty, yet fragile at the same time. Check them out at the sanctuary to learn more!

Want to sponsor Bing and Bong?


By sponsoring our animals, you are eligible for an exclusive monthly update on the animals in our care, as well as any future exclusive features for our sponsors.

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