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Robert - Schneiders Skink

Robert the Schneiders Skink is named after the actor, Rob Schneider. While our Rob is not much for the theater, he can still put on quite the scene. He is not afraid to run around his enclosure and climb, as long as he is awake!

Robert - Schneiders Skink

Robert came to the sanctuary in December of 2023 when his owner wanted him to find a new home where he was loved. Since then, Robert has had his ups and downs with our keepers as he got used to his ner home.

With that said, we have noticed some fun quirks about Robert since he joined us. Robert loves worms and would often chase them through his enclosure. We also noticed when handling that his favorite place to be is on the top of your head! He loves to get a birds eye view of the world around him.

If you too are an explorer or hiker that loves to climb and see the world, Robert may just be the perfect ambassador for you! He teaches us that sometimes it’s the little guys that make the big differences!

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