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Spock's Sanctuary

Spocks Sanctuary helps exotic companion animal enthusiasts by providing informed care to their animals so that pets such as lizards, which often end up sick, injured, and unwanted, can instead live long and healthy lives.



Currently we do not have any animals cleared for adoption just yet, check back soon!

Adopt Today!

Adoptable Animals

Spock's Sanctuary has a variety of animals that are looking for long term homes with families like yours today! These animals come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have on thing in common: They are ready to go to a good home today! Check out our currently available animals here!

Apply to Adopt

Ready to commit to an animal on the adoptable page? In order to make sure this animal is perfect for you and your family, we ask all potential homes fill out a form with some information so we can best tailor an animal to you! Apply to adopt today!

Surrender an Animal

Have an animal in your care, but don't think you are right for it long term? Spock's Sanctuary has experience caring for lizards in a variety of conditions, and can provide options to those who need to find their animal a home. Apply here to surrender an animal today.

Spock's Sanctuary is officially opening it's doors to the public!

Every Saturday and Sunday, our doors at 2102 Milton Ave, Des Moines, IA will be open from 10-2 and 5-8 for people to stop in and get any supplies they may need, meet our ambassadors, or just to say hi! We hope to see you there!

We're Open!

Our Services

Long Term Care

Spock's Sanctuary offers it's customers the opportunity to rest easy knowing that their animal is in good care while they are out of town. Whether it be for a weekend or a summer, our boarding service is affordable, reliable, and care free! Book your animal today!

Food Consultations

Nutrition is the basis for a healthy and happy animal. If you would like to see how you can improve your pet's diet and care, apply to book a session today! Our resident nutritionist will work with you to ensure your animal's nutrition is in tip-top shape!

Educational Sessions

Want to learn more about the exotic animals that call the sanctuary home? Apply to book an educational session where you can experience these animals hands on! Whether it be for a birthday party, a school function, or even an upcoming conference, Spock's Sanctuary can fit a variety of settings with it's educational and engaging sessions!

Support Us

Spock's Talks

Spock's Sanctuary now offers a BiWeekly newsletter! Subscribe to support our efforts, as well as stay in the loop with the latest in the reptile community!


Want to make a monetary donation to support exotic animal care? Anything helps!


Want to support our animals with a physical item or toy? Check out our wishlist to see how you can enrich and support our animals!

Support Spock's Sanctuary

How you can help

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Spock's Talks

Spock's Sanctuary now publishes a biweekly newsletter! For just $2 a month, you can be in the loop on our latest rescues, learn about the constantly evolving research in exotic companion animal care, and more!

If you would like to help Spock's Sanctuary continue to better the lives of it's animals, here you will find a way to donate to the cause through a monetary donation for the vet bills, medications, and other key aspects of rehabilitation for reptiles and other exotic pets.


If you would like to contribute to the enrichment of the animals themselves, here you will find a variety of items that the animals will love! These items range from toys to enclosures to items to help us put out the message for these animals.

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